What is Political Science? – A General Overview

In simple terms, political science is the study of politics, political systems and political behavior. Many times, this social science is described as the application of the art and science of politics and includes sub-categories like:

· Public administration
· Comparative politics
· Political theory
· National politics
· International relations

On the whole, there is great diversity in the methodology of political science, using techniques that relate to the types of inquiries being made. The sources of information can be primary sources like official records and historical documents or secondary sources like survey research, case studies, statistical analysis, scholarly journal articles and model building.

Many people consider political science to be related to the humanities discipline. As a result, you will find that several American universities and colleges do not have a separate School for Arts and Sciences. In such a case, political science department forms a part of the School of Humanities or Liberal Arts.

Basically, scientists involved in the field of political science study matters like:

· Transfer and allocation of decision making power
· Governments and international organization systems and their roles
· Public policies and political behavior

Apart from these issues, they also evaluate the performance and success of governance by analyzing various factors like justice, peace, stability and material wealth. On the basis of such measurements, political scientists provide positive and normative theses. The recommendations made by them provide the framework for politicians, electorate, special interest groups and journalists to analyze issues.

There is no specific industry or field where political scientists can find work. They can be employed in the government offices, political parties or even as independent advisors. Many non-governmental organizations and political movements also involve political science. These days, private corporations, research institutes, public relations firms and polling firms are also seeking people who have qualified in political science.

Currently, a multitude of new ideas are emerging in the field of political science. The world is being understood in terms of globalization and security rather than historic events. There is great debate about the pros and cons of departing from the old foundations and ideology of political science and substituting it with elements derived from all other disciplines.

According to researchers, political studies do not throw much light on currently relevant issues like crime and anti-social behavior. Even though political science has become a highly esteemed discipline and delivers high caliber students to the economy, it does not guarantee positive changes in the rapidly developing society. Despite the use of modern technology and in-depth knowledge, the major problems of the world remain unresolved.

It is essential to step up research efforts to develop fruitful knowledge and policies for modern society problems. The corporatization of political science should not act as a distraction from the discipline’s main functions. Fundamental research, interdisciplinary knowledge and long-term solutions for on-going issues need to be developed. In the field of political science, there is no correct method for research. Modern scientists are adopting methods that combine new technologies with old theories and rules. The blend leads to methodologies which form a unique approach to researching present-day problems.

Altogether, political science is a social science about the practice and theory of politics, the study of political behavior, and the analysis of political systems. Simply put, political science is the scientific study of politics. Some particular areas that political scientists study include public policy, international relations, political theory, national politics, and comparative politics.

The term political science is most popular in North America. In some other parts of the world, the term political studies is synonymous with political science. Other similar terms are just politics and government. Political scientists often serve as advisers to politicians, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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