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Many colleges and universities offer degrees in political science. Find out which colleges have the best political science programs, request free information about earning a political science degree, and more. Select your state below to get started.

ScienceWatch put out rankings for the top five political science colleges in the U.S. from 2002 to 2006, based on the number of papers published in journals relating to political science and public administration over a recent five year period.

The number one ranked political science college was Harvard University, followed by the University of California, Berkeley. Coming in third place was Columbia University with Georgetown University and the University of Michigan close behind in fourth and fifth.

Vanguard College Rankings has its own system for determining the best political science colleges in the U.S. It ranks the to 98 political science programs in the country. Vanguard’s top ten schools are, in order, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Yale University, University of Michigan, Stanford University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, UCLA, UC San Diego, and University of Wisconsin Madison.

The schools ranked in the eleventh to twentieth position are University of Rochester, MIT, University of Minnesota, Duke University, Cornell University, Ohio State University, UNC Chapel Hill, UT Austin, and Indiana University.

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    i want to get more advanced information about political science

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    I want know schools offer poli sci in nigeria. I also want to get the recommeded books ppoitic science.thanks

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    is political science a science???

  5. How will i reciver my degree

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