Political Science Jobs & Careers

Political science jobs can be found in many industries. People who major in political science often end up with careers in education, government, campaigning, finance, law, and non-profit organizations.

Where do I find a political science job?

Many new political science majors move to Washington, D.C. in hopes of landing a job on Capitol Hill. There are thousands of jobs for political science majors in the D.C. area. Many of them are filled through networking connections instead of job posting websites. If you want to have a great chance at landing a political science job upon graduation, you need to get connected and consider political science internships.

Tips for landing a political science job

  • Boost your resume with an internship in either your state’s capitol or in D.C.
  • Volunteer in local and national political campaigns for candidates and causes.
  • Get connected on linkedin, facebook, and other social networking sites with decision makers at companies you might like to work for.
  • Ask your professors for recommendations. Experienced political science professors usually have many connections in the real world.
  • Keep your GPA above 3.75 so there is no question that you have the ability to learn quickly and get things done.
  • Get involved in your university’s student government.

What if I can’t find a political science job?

If nothing is working, you may consider going back to school to earn an advanced degree in political science. A Master’s degree or PhD may set you apart from the competition, and what you learn in the classes could help your job performance. Also, employers often look at degree levels when considering promotions. There are hundreds of political science programs around the country, and also many that can be attended online by distance learning.

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    Politics is the best.

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    Can you tell me if Archives of Illinois hires people with Political Science Degrees BS. Thank you. Kathy

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    in Zimbabwe were do graduates of political science apply to

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    I like to be a political professor

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    A freind of mine has an honor in political science let me know if you got anything for her

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