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Earning an Online Political Science Degree is a great way to prepare yourself for a career in a variety of fields such as politics, social sciences, criminal justice, or organizational management. It can be very rewarding, mentally and financially, to earn a political science degree online. Here is an overview of political science degrees available online and information about top universities offering these degrees.

Top Universities with an Online Political Science Degree

Political science majors study a variety of subjects related to history, government, politics, law, and foreign policy. There are a lot of different specializations for political science degrees, such as International Relations, Public Affairs, and Political Campaigning. Many universities offer special certificates in these areas.

Top Online Political Science Degree Programs

  • BA in Political Science and Government
  • BA in Organizational Management with a Specialization in Political Science
  • BA in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Political Science
  • BA in Organizational Management with a Concentration in Political Science
  • BS in Political Science & Public Administration
  • MSLS in State and Local Government

Common Political Science Fields of Study

  • American Politics
  • American Government
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Methodology
  • Political Theory
  • Public Policy
  • Public Administration

Core Courses for Political Science Majors

Earn an Online Political Science Degree from the convenience of wherever you want (and whenever!)

Earn an Online Political Science Degree from the convenience of wherever you want (and whenever!)

The are several core courses that nearly all colleges and universities require for earning a political science degree. These basic courses include Introduction to U.S. Government and Politics, Introduction to Public Policy, Introduction to International Relations, Intro to Political Theory, Introduction to International Security, Intro to Public Administration, and Comparative Politics.

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