Interview with E. Linderberry, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from SUNY Oswego

E Linderberry, Political Science degree from SUNY Oswego

E Linderberry, Political Science Degree from SUNY Oswego

What is your name and where did you study political science?

E. Linderberry, at State University of New York at Oswego

Do you feel this was a competitive school; ie: easy to get in to?

Yes, SUNY Oswego is a very competitive school. They require that their students have more than a working knowledge of math, science, english and history. Their students have higher than average LSAT scores and score very well on the Regents testing

What was the degree you earned with SUNY Oswego?

I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political science with concentrations in ethics (philosophy) and Psychology (abnormal psychology). I was in a pre-law tract.

How would you rate the instruction that you received there?

SUNY Oswego finds only the best minds to tutor and tech the students they accept. It was challenging, frustrating, demanding and insanely hard. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to know their craft when they receive their degree. These instructors push all the limits and ask the tough questions. Every student is challenged to be their best academically and mentally.

So you would say that the difficulty level of instruction is above average?

This would depend on the specific classes that one takes. If the student are willing to challenge themselves, then they will get a top notch education by some of the best thinkers in the country. Although, if the student does not want the hardest classes and only cares to learn what is within their specific degree specialty, then that is available too. The difficulty ranges with the choice of classes.

Is there financial aid available and is the process difficult to navigate?

Yes, there is available financial aid available. The difficulty is not so bad. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out. If the student is a dependent in their parents’ home they will need to provide copies of their parents income taxes. Once all of the paperwork is filled out, one will need to go trough an entrance interview with a financial aid specialist. These individuals will simply explain the process and obligations of taking financial aid, the different types of aid that is available to the student and the amounts and interest rates of the aid.

Were there any specific classes or topics that you specialized in?

I took a large number of classes in the Philosophy and Psychology departments. I was very interested in the workings of the human brain, and the phenomena of violent repetitive criminals and how they justified their crimes. I also took a number of upper level expository writing courses to aid me in being able to succeed at a higher degree level.

Did you have any favorite classes?

Yes. I really enjoyed the classes I took concerning Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court. I was, and still am really into the law and the legal system. These were probably the toughest classes I took as well. The writing and research fort these classes were a killer. There were many nights i stayed up the entire night to get the work done, but I learned so much about our justice system and how it works that the loss of sleep was worth it.

You mentioned research with these classes; was there available aid in doing this research?

Anyone can get research aid in the library. The library staff is there and ready to assist any student who asks with their papers, assignments and other research tasks. They have micro films, books, journals, and many other resources that can help make any topic a realizable end project. One can also go to the student resource center and there are a number of mentors and experienced students that can aid with writing styles, how to footnote or properly cite references, as well as offer general support and even proof reading services. One may also consider the student union as well. While this is the receptacle for the student government, they also have a number of resources that can be tapped in to in order to make every assignment a success.

So does SUNY Oswego offer clubs and other activities to their students?

Again the answer is yes. We have a number of different academic and social clubs for almost every taste and desire. There is also a number of athletic teams that the student can participate on if they desire. Whether seeking a club to offer support to older students, grad students, or that engages in non alcoholic pursuits and activities, it is all ther on the SUNY Oswego campus. If the individual is civic minded, there is also the ability to participate in the student government as a Senator, Vice President, President, or member of the student Supreme Court.

Are there job placement services, and can they aid with finding a job after graduation?

The job placement services are excellent. I know of many students that landed their first job after graduation through their service. Many of these students have gone on to become known TV personalities, reporters, and even charitable foundation workers, and some have even founded their own foundations and businesses. I personally did not use this service because I chose rather to continue on in my educational pursuits. I was accepted to a number of different law schools, but chose instead to continue on to Indiana State University for Criminology, and then to Grand Canyon University for Pastoral Ministry.

Would you say that the education you received at SUNY Oswego was well worth the money spent?

I would say that the education received and the experience earned through SUNY Oswego far exceeds the amount of money spent on attaining the degree.I was able to learn so much about myself and the world around me, as well as technical knowledge of my course of study that has yet to fail me in life. This is one of the best schools I have attended for post high school study. This was my first college of five and it was the best experience of the five. Support continues well after graduation and beyond.

Would you recommend Political Science as a degree major?

Yes, I would. It is not so much the specific course of study. it is the type of experiences and knowledge one can garner from the course of study. This degree program covers subjects that will enable the student to learn to think fast on their feet, deal with relationships with other people and to learn how to adapt to any situation or issue that life brings to light. Political science is one of those degree programs that prepares you for any situation at any time, any where one lives.

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