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74 comments on “Ask a Political Science Expert
  1. Hi, my questions are: How law is formalized? What are common law, equity law, and statutory law? Thank you! I hope you can help me.

  2. Nimrat says:

    Could you explain the framing of the present federal constitution?

  3. Phuntsog says:

    What is “national power”?

  4. Bilal A. Lone says:

    Hi! My question is why fundamental rights are important of an individual?

    • sangboi zou says:

      fundamental rights are important for an individual to protect his/her rights in the country from being exploited,cheated,etc.

    • Mitch Bella Hermosa says:

      Hi! How are you? I am going to answer some of your questions. Only some of them i can answer because I’m not really a political analyst nor law experts. However, I knew some of them because I was once a political science students. Statutory Law is a law made by the legislative department of the government, adopts pursuant to its constitutional authority, and in certain form such that it becomes the law governing conduct within its scope.

  5. Rita Agyemang says:

    What hinders the development of modern political institutions?

  6. John Asamoah says:

    Please, I want to know the roles political institutions play in consolidating democracy.

  7. Steven Broadbent says:

    Why aren’t foreigners allowed to be president if the United States? I know it says so in the constitution but I need some facts about it.

  8. Shah Gowher says:

    I want to know about the theory of realism. In its simplest form to understand?

    • ashis kumar ads says:

      realism is a concept(theory) of international politics.i think it has been given such a name as it deals with the bare truth of international politics .it became popular in contrast to idealism which failed by the outbreak of world war2 in 20th century.realism insists that human being has the inherent craving for power and to dominate nation-states are always in search for power in world politics for which the statesmen do not bother about the means to their ends.even if they can resort to only due to the human nature(lust for power,to dominate others) that international politics is being driven by jealousy,hatredness ,fear, the realists are so pessimistic about the human nature that they tend to rely on the conventional principles of diplomacy(international morality,international law,world public opinion) rather than on human nature.power,national interest and national security are the central theme to realism.thank u.i would like ur rply.

  9. Sonalika says:

    What is anti-colonial movement? (In simplest form to understand)

  10. Dipak Pargi says:

    How can i start to learn ?? what should i have to do for getting the basic knowledge ???

  11. Rachel says:

    Is political science a dynamic subject? How and why?

  12. habib says:

    Pls kindly suggest any 5 topics good for project

  13. faith says:

    please help me….explain 5 situations in life where politics is evident

  14. tarebijnr says:

    what is the difference between a state and a nation?

  15. Mutha Santos says:

    My son is studying in India in his second year IB programme i.e in the 12th grade after passing out 10th std. He is interested in doing his under grats in political science from a university in US ? Is it advice able ? Will this help in taking up his care

  16. Lucas says:

    What jobs can I get with a BA in political science when I get out of college? I want to get involved in goverment but I would like to have experience to base my career on. Any good jobs, especially around Dallas, Texas?

  17. sabiu mustapha says:

    The relationship and differances between political science,political theory and political philosophy.

  18. Lucas Estrada says:

    What jobs can I get with a BA in political science? Particularly in the Dallas- Fort Worth area in Texas. Also should I go to a law school after getting a BA in political science? Thanks!

  19. jyotpreet kaur says:

    Hi!I’m interested in pursuing political science internationally is there any university providing online courses in India.

  20. jyotpreet kaur says:

    Plzz reply as early as possible.thank you.

  21. JAYANTI says:

    i want to know about pol. science

  22. SHASHI PANDEY says:

    HELLO ,

  23. sophie severy says:

    why is political science considered to be a science?

  24. Karen says:

    what is the social exercise of power towards the resolution of disputes?

  25. rey says:

    do you still trust the administration of justice in your country?

  26. pagadala says:

    the concept of welfare state is purely not the concept of socialist state why explain

  27. ASRAJ CHHETRI says:

    i am ba in political science and doing ma in same.i would like to share my view.

  28. Alagarsamy says:

    what is the difference between ‘state’ and ‘government’?

  29. christopher tuffour says:

    I need your help on this question. Is the study of Political Science a science? I need the answer urgently thanks.

  30. ashis kumar das says:

    what does it mean by political order.

  31. Alagarsamy says:


    Could you differentiate ‘Government’ from ‘State’ in the point of political science?

  32. purva says:

    any 5 agendas that people want in electoral politics in India ?

  33. Nisarahmad. Barak. says:

    1-What is the power?and explain its characteristics
    2-What is the legitimacy and explain the its characteristics.

  34. shela says:

    What are the ways of changing government?

  35. ABIR HUSAYUN says:

    I want to know about the theory of realism.In its simplest form to understand?

  36. Olubukola says:

    What is meant by “orientiation in political science”

  37. Kaye gee says:

    how can i and my friends participate in the making of a law? Thank you!

  38. isabel says:

    why is government important to the existence of the state? cite situations.

  39. Joel Emmanuel says:

    Is political science a science discipline?,..discuss the scientific nature of political science.

  40. Tulika says:

    I want to know what is line item budget?

  41. Abubakar mohammed lamido says:

    my comment is ‘is political science a science?

  42. Tulika says:

    What is public administration

  43. Jayk Ennui says:

    Role,need and uses of political science in state?

  44. Maurrean Medice says:

    Hello! what are the diffrent kinds of territories?? Such as colony, neutrality??? PLease answer me!!! :/

  45. Marissa says:

    I just wanted to know what type of job you can get if you major in it.

  46. Marissa says:

    I’m just interested in this subject.

  47. James A. Menghe Jr says:

    In what ways does the foreign policy resemble the domestic policy making process?

  48. Jeremy Book says:

    Are political interest groups more beneficial to big business or the American people?

  49. Travers cage says:

    is political science a science?

  50. Alessandro says:

    I don t know if I should ask this question to you but here it is: when do you think serbia is going to enter European union?

  51. Avwrnayeri Elijah says:

    Hi,please I have a request to be given list of texts books I need to read.thanks

  52. vishal singh says:

    What is election

  53. emmanuel ebruka says:

    what is the most deficult concept in political palace is politics

  54. samuel says:

    What is constitation

  55. Question:
    Examine the historical significance of the formation of Congress Governments in provinces after the 1937 elections. To what extent was this a crucial variable in hastening the growth of Muslim Separation movement?

  56. Mitchell Perun says:

    Why did the U.S. go to war to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein on all levels of analysis (individual, domestic US, interstate, and global)?

  57. Tasaluf shafi says:

    What is the legislature of Russia,France,Italy&Iraq called?

  58. Tasaluf shafi says:

    The legislature of France is called…………

  59. I am 15 year’s of age.I would love to become president of the united States of America. Any advice of what I should be studying or doing just to get an early kick off.

  60. khushboo says:

    hi !my question is the head of state in india is
    C titular executive

  61. Mohammad Nessar Uddin says:

    What is the political sceince?

  62. Ghazanfar solangi says:

    Political Science is science are art?

  63. jamie says:

    If you could add a constitutional requirement to suffrage, what would it be and why?

  64. Tris Eton says:

    How far has the security council of UNO been successful in maintaining peace in the world ?

  65. David Vuula says:

    Using practical examples from Africa, what are the roles played by political parties in different political systems

  66. Aaqib Fayaz says:

    approaches to political science?

  67. Jappreet Kaur says:

    Does liberty depends upon separation of power

  68. louie says:

    can you help me a short role play or script of parliamentary privilege of arrest

  69. Margie Wheetley says:

    I am trying to put politic science into perspective, can you tell me how politic science actually works? What steps do you take to get your results/findings?

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