Is Political Science an Easy Major?

When finishing high school or beginning college, one popular major that many students consider pursuing is political science. For individuals who are interested in the inner workings of both our national government and international government relations, political science can be an ideal field to pursue. When a student becomes a political science major, they are often encouraged to and provided with opportunities to join in on dialogues about the government and the community, get involved with community projects and programs and participate in political movements, campaigns and other exercises. These are basic fundamentals of a political science career that help political science students to learn and understand the foundation of their field.

While studying political science, college students in the major will be expected to engage in critical reading, thinking and listening in order to objectively analyze the information they are receiving. This is a key aspect of politics and government. Analytical reasoning is also absolutely necessary for a political science major, as it will allow them to make value judgements with the use of a sound moral foundation. Political science majors will quickly learn the difference between what is right and what is fair. They must learn to write persuasively and eloquently and speak with clarity and authority in order to make a point that can resonate with the vast majority of people. Intellectual skills are necessary in order to be successful as a political science major, but the course of study in which students engage also helps them to fine tune those skills and gear their mindset towards political science. These students will learn to engage in intense questioning as well as how to debate fairly and effectively. Political science students must learn how to challenge both their own ideas and the ideas of their peers and how to argue in a persuasive, clear and effective way.

Majoring in political science can lead to an effective and lucrative career. One of the top fields in which political science graduates currently work is the OES Designation of the Federal Executive Branch of government. Employees of the Federal Executive Branch bring in an annual mean wage of $114,220. Another top field for political science graduates is scientific research and development services, where an annual mean wage of $102,170 is earned. Political science graduates also often find employment at colleges, universities and professional schools, where they generate an annual mean wage of $61,590. Some political science graduates choose to pursue a job in management, scientific and technical consulting services, where they can earn an annual mean wage of $125,650. Some other fields with a high concentration of employed political science graduates are the business, professional, labor, political and other similar sectors. Graduates working in these fields bring in an annual mean wage of $113,020.

A degree in political science offers the ability to get into a field which travels well. Regardless of where in the country or world a political science graduate wishes to work, there are likely work opportunities for them. In the United States, there are several key areas in which political science graduates are likely to find lucrative and plentiful employment. The area with the most jobs for individuals with a political science degree is, not surprisingly, the District of Columbia. The hourly mean wage in Washington DC for a political science graduate is $55.56 with an annual mean wage of $115,560. Virginia is the second most popular spot for post graduate employment, with an hourly mean wage of $58.37 and an annual mean wage of $121,420. California is another state that provides plentiful employment to graduates as well as an hourly mean wage of $41.32 and an annual mean wage of $85,950. Texas has a fair amount of political science positions available and offers an hourly mean wage of $31.67 with an annual mean wage of $65,870. Finally, Washington state is also home to many political science jobs with an hourly mean wage of $35.32 and an annual mean wage of $73,460.

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