How much do political science majors make?

Many political science students choose their major because they are interested in politics. Learning more about the government is one of the best parts of becoming a political science major. The average starting salary for most political science majors is fairly modest. Political science graduates do see a higher than average income growth potential with additional experience and years of service. The career options within the political science field vary greatly. Many political science majors wish to go into civil service jobs. A degree in political science doesn’t necessarily mean that one is limited to public service. Many political science majors go on to become lawyers, intelligence analysts and well-respected consultants.

Median salary for political science degrees

Median salary for political science degrees

Forbes actually ranks political science as the ninth most lucrative college major. It is placed above marketing, accounting, history and business management. According to Forbes, political science majors can expect to earn a starting salary around $39,400 per year. This may not seem like a lot, but political science majors have a lot of income growth potential. Graduates with 10 to 20 years experience earn $74,400 per year, on average. Graduates with five to 10 years in can expect to make around $55,000.

Students should consider what career fields they are interested in to get a better idea about beginning salaries. Jobs in the public sector do not usually pay very high to begin with. These jobs do typically have wonderful benefits and retirement packages though. Students should consider speaking with local government officials about careers in public service. More ambitious students may even consider writing their congressmen and women. Students should remember that careers are not limited to the public sector.

Political science majors that enter the public arena often get fantastic benefits. Not included in the yearly salary are things like health care, vacation time and prestige. Political science majors often find their jobs to be incredibly fulfilling. The prestige that goes along with public positions is quite rewarding. Many public sector jobs also have fantastic local, state or federal benefits packages. Graduates in other fields may be paying pretty hefty sums out of pocket for medical care. Most political positions have great medical and dental plans.

Not every political science major goes into public service. Some lucrative career fields that political science majors often pursue are the legal field and the intelligence field. Many attorneys majored in political science for their undergraduate degrees. Many political science majors also go on to become intelligence analysts. The non-profit sector also has a lot of draw for political science graduates. Consulting is usually a lucrative option for political science majors. Graduates that are interested in consulting work should consider getting a fair amount of experience under their belts first.

Internships are a great way to discover what these career fields are really like. A political science major may like the higher starting salary of a lawyer, but prefer the day to day job of a public servant. All of the pros and cons must be weighed. Ultimately, the salary is secondary to the career decision. Students will find that they should go with the choice that is most fulfilling to them. The careers should be looked at from a long-term point of view. Many political science majors that go on to become lawyers will want to become magistrates or judges. There are so many different avenues to public service. Many of these jobs have a fantastic income growth potential for students with 10 to 20 years in. A political science degree is sure to open up doors to a variety of career opportunities for passionate students.

Political science is truly a calling for many conscientious young students. The desire to learn more about government, politics and the science behind all of it is incredibly compelling. Graduates can choose many different fields to pursue after graduation. Many students also wish to pursue graduate degrees. Ultimately, political science majors become well-informed on relevant government topics. While engineers are busy solving equations, political science majors are solving society’s problems. While Chemists are studying electrons, political science majors are studying the inner-workings of our government. No matter what type of career path is chosen, political science majors find their degrees stimulating and exciting.

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