Are You Required to Get a Graduate Degree to Get a Job in Political Science?

When you study political sciences, you learn about government, political systems, public policy, and the behavior of people in relation to politics. Political science careers may involve a variety of different jobs such as relations between the U.S.A. and other countries, the politics of various towns and cities, and the decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court. The answer to the question, “Am I required to get a graduate degree to get a job in political science,” the answer is “No.”

Careers You Can Get with a Bachelor’s Degree
Some places hire lobbyists with a B.A. degree. This falls under the category of public relations managers and consultants. Employers prefer to hire people who have experience with public relations, and if you want to be a lobbyist, some experience with politics will help you get that kind of work. When you are hired to work in public relations, you would look for ways to promote a specific company or corporation. In the case of lobbyists, you would usually promote a politician, a political party, or a non-profit organization. In addition to your political science classes, classes in English, journalism, and public relations would help you get that kind of job. Also, experience in the field can be gained while you study for your degree. Public relations managers and specialists earned an average of $57,550 a year in 2010.

You may also get an entry-level job as an economist with a B.A. degree. Economists study the distribution of resources and services. Again, experience is helpful for getting a job in the field of your choice. Experience with research work involving numbers, business, or finance will help you prepare for this career. The average salary for economists in 2010 was $89,450 a year.

Careers for People with Graduate Degrees
Most policy analysts are hired after getting a master’s or doctorate degree. Policy analysts collect information and recommend policies after analyzing the information. To become a policy analyst, you may want to get some volunteer experience in student organizations related to public policy. You may also want to work in entry-level jobs with the government or with advocacy groups before you earn your degree. Policy analysts who start their career in government usually start at $31,740 a year. The more experienced ones earn up to $145,000 a year, according to the Spring 2007 report. The salary for policy analysts working for private companies vary depending on the analyst’s qualifications and the size of the organization.

Most urban and regional planners have a master’s degree in that field. They identify community needs and then develop plans for how to use that area of land. Employers look for people with a master’s degree in an accredited program along with one to two years’ work experience in a related field for entry-level jobs as planners. Many students get experience through planning projects or part-time internships. Mid- and upper-level planners require more years of work experience, and often that experience is specialized. Planners earned an average of $63,040 a year in 2010.

If you want to work in the field of political science, you may want to get some volunteer, internship, or entry level jobs while studying in school. Many employers look for people who have completed their degrees and also have work or volunteer experience related to their choice of jobs. Based on the information I have collected, economists and policy analysts tend to make more money than jobs in public relations or working as a planner. This is a good degree for someone who wants to make an impact on society as a whole.

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